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What's Happening at our 55th:

We have lots planned for our 55th reunion(September 13-14). below you willl find a list of activities.  At this point there are no definitive prices or times. ..just guesstimates. These will be added or modified as soon as vendors have committed to price and time. More info will be added in the events section. When you go to Reunion events click to see the first activity and info on the event, then  use the drop down menu to view all of them. It will be here, in Reunion events, that you can register and decide how to pay.

Friday: Meet and Greet at Ashland Golf Club( Shanks) Snacks provided. Cash Bar. This will most probably run from 5-9 PM

Friday: Attend the Arrows Game. Jason Goings, AHS AD will have a block of seats reserved for us. Meet at the stadium by 6:30-6:45.Tickets must be purchased by the last week of July. $5.00 Most probably there will be time to return to the Meet and Greet, or to go elsewhere as you choose.  

Saturday AM: Tour the High School and Archer Auditorium.

Saturday noon: Rekindle old memories at Schines Theater with a tour, stories and a snack.

Saturday Evening: 55th Reunion dinner at Bella Bleu's