Remember this????

Our 55th has come and gone and what a phenomenal weekend it was!! Thank you for being there,  for sparkling and acting as though you were 18 albeit with decorum!!! 

I know we are all so proud of our alma mater, how they have expanded, kept up and superceded the times, but moreover  how proud we are of what they are doing for the kiddos both scholastically and emotionally. Way to go AHS!!. I hope you enjoyed the Schine's tour as much as I did...what memories. I am hopeful they will be up and running soon!

And Boy, the banquet couldn't have been more fun and again, I hope you thought the food was as wonderful as I did. BEST was you, dancing,singing( you rival the Mormon Tabernacle choir), yakking and catching up.

Thrilled to know in 5 years we will be seeing each other again and thanks to Jack Myers and his crew for stepping up.

Jim Hooker has used his tech savvy to create a photo gallery under 55th Reunion photos and as soon as I know how you can add to them I will let you know!

Am trying to get that slideshow i put together and you saw Saturday night put somewhere so you all can have a copy...but this may have to wait.

Above all huge hugs, keep emailing each other and as Bob Hope once sang..."Thanks for the Memories"

Am leaving the Reunion activities posted so you can savor the memories.😘